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Handling Global Challenges
Managing Biosafety and Biodiversity in a Global World
EU, US, California and Comparative Perspectives


10 June 2009 Brussels
  • International Conference
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Part 1

Welcome. Jan Wouters
Introductory Remarks - Transatlantic Regulatory Co-operation Project. Jo Swinnen and David Vogel
Key-note Lecture: European Union in Global Environmental Governance - Jos Delbeke, European Commission, Deputy Director-General DG Environment

Part 2

Environmental Policy in a Multi-Level Governance Structure. Iterative Federalism and the Case of California Motor Vehicle Emissions. Ann Carlson
Panel: Jan Wouters,  Hans Bruyninckx, Ian Clark, Ingmar von Homeyer

Part 3

EU-US Horizontal Regulatory Cooperation: Two global regulatory powers converging on how to assess regulatory impacts? Anne Meuwese
Panel: David Vogel, Natalie Pauwels, Alberto Alemanno

Part 4

Agriculture and the conservation of wildlife biodiversity - Comparative analysis of policies in the USA and the EU. Heike Nitsch, Andrew Manale and Bernhard Osterburg
Panel: Jo Swinnen, David Baldock, Boris Barov, Jorge Nunez

Part 5

Green chemistry and chemicals policy in the United States and the European Union: The role of policy collaboration in addressing global environmental issues. Megan Schwarzman and Michael Wilson
Panel: Heddy Riss, Lucas Bergkamp, Astrid Schomaker, Ethel Forsberg

Part 6

Key-note Lecture: Transatlantic Co-operation - Options for the Future - Mr. Marc Vanheukelen, European Commission, Head of Unit for Relations with the United States and Canada, DG for External Relations
Closing Remarks. Jo Swinnen

30 April 2009 Washington
15-16 January 2009 Leuven
  • Workshop
  • Special focus on Biodiversity

11-12 December 2008 Berkeley
  • Workshop
  • Special focus on Biosafety